S&W M&P Magazine Disconnect Removal Instructions.

CAUTION: perform this at your own risk. If you shoot yourself or someone else, if you discharge your weapon and cause any damage to any person or property you are responsible. Not me!!!

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OK, this is about as easy as it gets. I probably have too many pictures and will probably over explain this but here goes...

1. Unload the gun

2. Check to make sure you completed step 1

3. Remove the slide from the gun following the S&W's instructions.

4. You only need to drift out the roll pin located above the beavertail.

5. Pull the trigger while lifting the rear rail/sear block from the frame, the ejector is not attached and will fall off when you get it out it will look like this:

6. Next you need to drift out the lower forward pin. this will free up the sear disconnector (A), the mag disconnector (B), and the mag disconnector spring(C).

7. you need to find a spring that is about the same diameter as the mag disconnector spring. I used a 1911 mag release spring. cut the spring so that will just fit the whole way across the opening left by removing the parts listed above (A,B,C)

 you can see the New spring (D) in this picture. the only purpose of this spring is to keep the sear disconnector in a vertical position. and to put a little pressure on the sear disconnector so it does not flop around under recoil. you can also see in this picture how it will snuggly fit into the space directly below it.

8. now we are putting things back together again, but there is an easy way. put the new spring (D) in the block first then put the pin in. with the pin partially through the block and the spring put the block assembly in a vice or have someone else hold it for you use a jewelers' flat screwdriver to retract the spring just enough to get the sear disconnector back into place.

9. now you just need to put the block assembly back into the frame replace the roll pin that holds it in. Don't forget to put the ejector back in.



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